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This image gallery contains historical family images.   Some of the documents on this page have also been transcribed; those transcriptions are located in the same group as the documents, but below the images.

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All images and documents on this page pertain to the Thomas Jefferson Scribner Family Group:

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Thomas Jefferson Scribner, Reference A08.CEAFCAF:

Images A08.CEAFCAF:

Images Related to the Family Group of Thomas Jefferson Scribner and Dixie Elizabeth Steele.  Thomas is the son of William C. Scribner & Caroline Steele; Dixie is the daughter of Clinton Richard Steele (son of Minerva Ann Hetsler by her 2nd marriage to Peter Steel).

Dixie Elizabeth Steele's high school graduation photo.

Battleground High School, Clark County, Washington; graduation May, 1927. Tom and Dixie were married the following September.

Marriage Announcement for Thomas Jefferson Scribner and Dixie Elizabeth Steele, 9 September 1927, in Multnomah County, Oregon.

Thomas and Dixie were both grandchildren of Minerva Hetsler: Tom through Minerva and Charles Scribner's son William C. Scribner; and Dixie through Minerva and Peter Steel's son Clinton Steele. Washington State considered them to be first cousins and the consanguinity laws forbade the marriage, so Tom and Dixie had to cross the river into Oregon to get married.

Dixie & two young sons; July 1931.

Tom and Dixie had four children: three boys and one girl. In these photos are Dixie, baby Bob and toddler TJ.

Dixie & the children; taken Spring, 1938 -- shortly before her sudden death on June 6, 1938.

Dixie in back; next to her is the youngest daughter Grace; and TJ in front of Grace, Ben in the middle and Bob on the end.

Another view of the previous photo.

Tom Scribner & Mary Martin, 1940.

Tom remarried in 1940 to Mary Martin.

The youngest child -- Grace Beatrice Scribner (named after Tom's older sister who died in New York in 1922); they referred to her as "Ida B.".

This photo was taken in about 1941 at the age of 6.

This photo was taken of Grace in about 1943, age 7 or 8.

A young Grace.

Grace as a teenage ~ about 1949 -- age 14.

Grace with her grandfather Clinton Richard Steele (Dixie's father; also the son of Minerva Hetsler and Peter Steel). Taken 1949.

Tom & his kids: (back) Bob & TJ; (front) Ben & Grace

Tom & Kids: (l to r) Bob, Ben & Grace

Tom with Bob & Ben ~ logging in Redmond, Oregon.

Grace Scribner & Phil Scribner, mid-1958.

Grace was the youngest child of Tom & Dixie, and Phil was the youngest son of William C. & Caroline Scribner (Tom's younger brother). Phil lived in Redmond, Oregon.

Thomas Jefferson Scribner, in his later years as a professional musical saw player, "The Lost Sound"

He used an old trombone case to carry around his collection of saws and violin bows. This picture was probably taken ca 1970.

Thomas Jefferson Scribner, master musical saw player.

Tom, the Musical Saw Player

Tom became a legendary musical saw player; he appeared on an album with Neil Young, and also played with George Harrison on the Larry Hosford album "Crosswords." He appeared on a Charles Kuralt "On the Road" special, and was on various other television broadcasts. He was also a featured person in the documentary file "The Wobblies" due to his active participation in formation of the IWW labor union.

Tom in his famous red suspenders, derby hat and checkered shirt, playing the saw.

A colorized version of the same photo, thanks to Major Chance!

Statue of Tom Scribner, the musical saw player, in downtown Santa Cruz, California.

Tom became so well-known as a local folk hero, that a lifesize bronze statue of him playing the musical saw was erected in downtown Santa Cruz. The statue has the familiar hat and suspenders.

Another view of the statue.

Tombstone for Grace Beatrice {Scribner} Cooper

Located in Reedsport Cemetery, Reedsport, Douglas County, Oregon.

Laura Cooper (Grace's oldest daughter; Tom's granddaughter) in front of the statue of Tom in Santa Cruz, circa 1980.

Grace Beatrice {Scribner} Cooper; 10 October 1935 - 6 June 1989; Beloved wife, mother, partner, friend.

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Archives A08.CEAFCAF:

Link to Santa Cruz Public Library Website: Tom Scribner in Santa Cruz.

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Clinton Richard Steele, Son of Minerva Ann Hetsler & Peter Steele ~ also father of Dixie Elizabeth Steele (wife of Thomas Jefferson Scribner), A08CEAFCAF1:

Images A08.CEAFCAF1:

Images Related to the Family Group of Clinton Richard Steele.  Clinton was the youngest son of Minerva Ann Hetsler (widow of Charles William Scribner, who died in the civil war) and Peter Steele (brother of Catherine Eleanor Steele ~ who married Thomas P. Scribner, and Caroline Hester Steele ~ who married Charles William Scribner, Jr.).  Clinton's oldest child -- Dixie Elizabeth Steele -- married Thomas Jefferson Scribner, the son of Charles William Scribner, Jr. and Caroline Hester Steele.

Clinton Richard Steele

Clinton Richard Steele

Clinton R. Steele, Sr. Family; 10 June 1912

[Bk L to R] Hubert Gentis, Lizzy Steele, Clinton Steele; [Fr L to R] Viola Gentis, Mildred Gentis, Peter Steele, Dixie Steele, Muriel Steele.

Lewis Albert Steele, older brother of Clinton, 1910

The Steele Family, 4 September 1910.

(Rear) Lewis Steele; (Front L to R) Clinton & Dixie; Nancy & Peter.

Dixie (r) & Muriel (l) Steel; July 1927.

Photo taken by Ella Gentis, half-sister.

{B to F) Muriel Steele, Mildred Gentis, Dixie Steele.

Photo taken about 1922.

Muriel {Steele} Smith on her 90th Birthday.

Dallas, Oregon; 12 August 2001.

Steele Children & Mildred Gentis, Circa 1917.

[L to R] Muriel Steele, Peter Steele, Mildred Gentis, Stuart Steele, Dixie Steele, Clinton Steele, Jr.

Lizzie {Fenimore} & Clinton Steele, July 1932

Clinton ["Rich"] Steele, Jr.

August, 1997; West Salem, Oregon.

Mother Lizzie {Fenimore} & daughter Dixie Steele; Circa 1934, Battleground, Clark County, Washington.

Gentis Children in Eureka, Humboldt, California; 1906

Ella (bk), Lucy (rt), Hubert (lt), Viola (fr). These are Nancy Elizabeth {Fenimore} {Gentis} Steele's children by her first marriage; they are therefore Clinton Steele's step-children.

Lucy Gentis, 1906 in Eureka, Humboldt, California.

Ella (lt) and Lucy (rt) Gentis, circa 1902.